Jolie 1.10.0 has been released. Get it from


  • New module system. Jolie now offers a module system, inspired by Python’s from .. import .. mechanism. The general principle is to keep keeps things simple and provide (often automatic) facilities to avoid namespace pollution.
  • New service block. Services are now syntactically manifest thanks to a new service construct. Services can take parameters, either programmatically or from externally-provided files.
  • New foreign service syntax. Foreign services (services implemented in Java or JavaScript instead of Jolie) are now implemented by hiding the implementation technology from embedders, allowing for more reusable code (changing how a service is implemented does not alter the orchestrator that loads it through embedding).
  • Message ids. Message ids in Jolie now adopt a snowflake-like mechanism for their network-wide tracking.
  • Maven Central. The Jolie libraries for developing Java Services and Jolie code analysis tools are now available on Maven Central (look for the group id org.jolie-lang).
  • Semantics improvements. Arithmetic operators are now commutative under implicit type casts ( A concurrency bug of the for .. in .. construct has been fixed.
  • HTTP. The http protocol now allows for arbitrary header read/write.
  • Bug fixes. Numerous bug fixes to HTTP, fault management, and Java services.
  • Code of Conduct. Jolie has joined the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.