Jolie 1.9.0 has been released. Get it from

Documenting APIs

The joliedoc tool has received some major improvements, including support for new documentation tokens, forward and backward documentation primitives, and a facelift to the documents that it generates. Check it out here.

Configuration with JSON files

The auto self-configuring location now supports reading from JSON files (doc).

This is useful, for example, in the development of Docker images (doc).

Jolie and REST

This release includes new tools to automatise some common practices in the development of Jolie REST services.

Jolier is a new tool to aid in the exposure of a Jolie API following the REST style (doc).

Also, Jolie now comes with two tools to integrate with OpenAPI:

  • jolie2openapi produces an OpenAPI definition from a Jolie interface (doc);
  • openapi2jolie produces a Jolie interface from an OpenAPI definition (doc).


In preparation for a debugger, the tracing system of the interpreter has been improved.

You can now also visualise the execution trace of a service using a new jolietraceviewer tool.

Build system

The build system used to compile Jolie has been ported to Maven.

Support for Java 11+

Jolie is now compatible with Java 11 and beyond without requiring special configurations.

Other changes

  • The HTTP protocol now supports OPTIONS requests and CORS.
  • Infinite alias loops are now detected at runtime and throw a fault.
  • Secure protocols (like HTTPS) now use TLSv1.2 by default.
  • A lot of small fixes and code optimisations.