Jolie 1.6.0 has been released!

Important: This is the first stable release of Jolie that requires Java 8. A Java 6 compatible branch is still available on GitHub, to support contributors with the possibility of backporting important bug fixes. A link to the latest stable version of Jolie supporting Java 6 is provided in the download page of the Jolie website.

Changelog from Jolie 1.5.0

New from Jolie 1.6.0 beta1:
  • Improved error message compatibility with Windows (now the Jolie plugin for Atom works correctly in Windows 10).
  • New for-loop construct for iterating over arrays without explicit indexes: for( x in array ) { ... }.
  • Bug fix for interface extenders affecting OneWay operations.
  • Improved support for HTTP methods.
  • Added pi@MathService
  • Fix null pointer in TimeoutHandlers.
  • Improved File service for handling absolute paths.
  • Added replaceFirst@StringUtils
  • Add support for sqlite in Database.
  • Bug fix in alias replacement in HTTP.
  • Fix race condition in ValueVector.
New from Jolie 1.5.0 (already posted as part of Jolie 1.6.0 beta1):
  • 3000th commit reached!
  • Lots of improvements to the handling of concurrent data structures, using lambdas.
  • Codebase ported to make use of the new features and libraries found in Java 8.
  • Various performance improvements: objects for tracing are not allocated if --trace is not in use, type checking runs faster thanks to safe sharing of string builders, improved management of sockets, faster evaluation of logical conditions by using lambda-based implementations.
  • New asynchronous implementation of AbstractCommChannel for simpler handling of solicit-responses.
  • Improved performance of the interpreter test suite.
  • Support for type choices (also known as type sums)! This merits its own blog post, to be written.
  • Numerous bug fixes and minor improvements.
  • Fix a race condition on the usage of internal links.