Jolie 1.3 has been released. This is a stabilisation release: much effort has been put into improving the implementation of the interpreter and its extensions, and in extending our test suite for backwards compatibility.


  • Empty bodies for Request-Response inputs have been made optional.
  • Performance improvements to communications with embedded Javascript services.
  • gwt-dev.jar has been removed, as it is no longer needed (this reduced the size of a Jolie installation to a third).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented using HTTPs with the default settings (SSLv3 is no longer the default).
  • Improvements to the jolie2java tool, which now correctly compiles access methods to root values.
  • Many fixes to how charset encodings are handled, especially with respect to UTF-8.
  • Bugfix: invoke@Reflection did not use runtime type checking correctly.
  • Internal refactoring of HTTP and HTTP-based protocols to share the basic underlying logic, e.g., error handling.
  • Fetching WSDL documents no longer prints debug messages on screen.
  • Some API cleanups in the standard library (e.g., NetworkService).
  • Improvements to handling GWT messages.