Jolie 1.1.2 has been released, with lots of stability and performance improvements! Get it while it's hot!


  • Fixed character encoding handling on all HTTP-based extensions (http, https, soap, xmlrpc, jsonrpc).
  • Introduced HTTP compression on all HTTP-based extensions.
  • Introduced HTTP error messages for clients on all HTTP-based extensions.
  • Plenty of other bugfixes and internal improvements in all HTTP-based extensions.
  • Enhanced documentation for the HTTP extensions, especially documented all possible parameters for the http extension under http.iol.
  • Major JSON parsing improvements: introduction of a shared library named "jolie-js" which shares the JSON parser between the HTTP extensions and the Jolie "JsonUtils" module.
  • Bugfixes for localsockets (UNIX domain sockets).
  • Bugfixes in the launcher script for Windows.
  • Fixed a bug on concurrent access to variables in foreach loops.
  • Internal improvements to the networking code of the interpreter.
  • The compression feature from the sodep protocol has been removed. It will be reintroduced in another protocol in the future.
  • Improvements in the transmission of faults using JSON.
  • Fixes resolution of type links in interfaces used in courier inputs.
  • Fixed resource leak when reading .ini files in IniUtils.
  • Fixed a potential internal deadlock when handling persistent input channels.