The new Jolie website is up, after months and months of hard work!
There is a lot of new content, and we invite you to explore it. We are also updating these pages daily, so come back for a visit now and then. Better yet, this new website is completely written in the Jolie language and it is open source! You can see its source code from the Jolie SVN repository. Even if this is a great step forward for the Jolie project, we are always looking for help. There are many ways to join, from improving this website itself to writing code. See our community page for getting in touch. And if you need an idea to start from, the Publications page needs some love right now.
Special thanks for this new website go to the IT University of Copenhagen for giving us hosting service, and to Saverio Giallorenzo for picking up this work and finishing it during its visit (funded by Spinner) to the same institution.